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J1000-0-1 Automatic flat,square &round bottle double sides Sticker Labeling Machine
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Adopt the stand-up labeling method,Have the function of bottle separating,rail guiding devise,special top pressing devise to ensure the stability of the bottle delivering,labeling applicator can be adjusted from top to down or left to right.apply for square/flat bottles labeling,labeling smoothly by adding a label pressing devise,adopt Rotary Encoder tracking,the speed of the convey belt can be adjusted optionally and the label feeding speed will match with convey belt all the time.

The machine can label a circle sticker on the round container by using a round bottle rolling & pressing device.

Adopt the most advanced man-machine interface operation,Sensor detecting,PLC controlling,Rotary Encoder tracking ,Transducer controlling the speed of the motor,apply the front& back labels to flat/square/oval bottles and a circle sticker to round bottles in food,cosmetics,daily necessities and medicine industry.

Technical Parameter:

1) Object to Apply: front& back labels for the flat,square,oval containers and a circle sticker for round bottle.

2) Container Range(mm) : Thickness 20£­120  Dia of round bottle: 25-120   Height :30-300

3) Label Range (mm) : Length 15-300         Height: 15-130

4) Label Speed (It bears on the size of the container and label) (pc / min) : 0-200

5) Label Precision (mm) : ¡À 1

6) Power : 220V 50/60HZ  0.5KW

7) Weight (kg) : 480

8) Measurement (mm)(Length*Width*Height) : 2440*1200*1600

We can customize your order if you have special demands.

Main Character :

It can use the label which is made by Chinese material , it reduces many label cost .

Apply to labeling for various bottles.

It can save 8 kinds of labeling information , it doesn¡¯t

need to debug and move the magic eye again when you change the labeling containers;
Speed controlling by the flat board, simulant capacity adjustment and

it has easy mechanical adjustment ,  need not the professional  technical worker to operate.

Have the function of counting;

It can use stand-alone or join the production line.

Adopt import electric components .

Adopt 304 stainless steel and alloy which is dealed with anodic oxidation except the shelf.

Main components:

PLC:  Korean LG

Motor:  Taiwan Brand

Touch Screen:Taiwan Weinview

Transducer:Fance Schneider

Label sensor: Germany Leuze

Container sensor: Japan Keyence.

Rotary encoder:Japan Omron

Low-voltage electric appliance:France Schneider

Remark: take down the pressing device when labeling round bottles, and using a round bottle rolling & pressing device.

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