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JLP250automatic Bottle Unscrambler
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working principle:

This machine controlled by PLC, touch screen, all motors can frequency control, can adjust the set figures by touch screen, it can satisfied different customers demand.
It only need to change the turntable of the unscramble box if need to change the specification, other parts can adjust freely. The machine is mainly made of SUS304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy, strictly based on GMP. With elegant appearance and high efficiency. It is adapted to different conditions. Drive parts of this machine are protected by guard cover, safe and environment.


1.All machine adopt 304SUS AS Framework

2.This machine controlled by PLC, touch screen, all motors can frequency control,

3.There isElectrostatic dust removal device,can clear inside of plastic bottle

4. Suit for round bottle ,flat bottle and all other kind bottle ,easy to change .

5.SUSStanding leg

6.£»SUSLarge capacity hopper,the machine will alarm when no bottles.

7.Hopper¡¯s acrylic cover can open and close automatic ,Convenient for workers to feedand can avoid dust

8.AISI304 outside. plasticsconveyor the requirement of GMP.

10.The bottle go into the turntable from lifting mechanism.Unscramblethe bottle byDouble agency

11.Adopt automaticQuantitativefeedingtechnology ,keep balance of bottle quantity in theUnscramble bottle tray.Double agencyseparate bottle ,so the speed higher inConveyor belt,stable for bottle.

12.The double agency adopt quick-acting can change the bottle style very easy.

13.the bottle go into the turntable by lifting mechanism,the turntable turn in high speed and arrange the bottle as demand.

14.webbed wheel sweep away non-standard bottles.

15.Both Conveyor belt clamp the bottle go into the work counter of conveyor machine.

16.Use different bottle turnover to arrange bottle out.

17.Clamp belt sent out bottle ,it¡¯s speed same as main conveyor belt ,so the bottle will not fall .

Technology parameter:


Suit of bottle:¦Õ20¡«¦Õ60mmor bottle wide:20¡«60mm


Main motor power:AC220V 50/60HZ


Machine size£¨L¡ÁW¡ÁH£©2,550mm¡Á1,200mm¡Á1,430mm

Gas consumption60L/minClear air

Air Supply:0.5¡«0.7Mpa


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