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JZGY-F corrosion protection linear liquid filling machine
Hangzhou Jindalai Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd. | DATE£º2017-12-05 | READ:1317


l It¡¯s a total corrosion protection filling machine. The whole machine is made by PP material.There is a ceramic in spool ball valve. It is suitable to filling high  corrosivity product, such as :Oxygen bleaching agent, 84 liquid,Toilet Cleaner and so on.

l This machine is controled by PLC program. Include the photoelectric sensor and the pneumatic at the same time. It isdesignedwithsubmersiblefillingfunction, featured by accuratemeasurement and nobubble and droopingduring the filing.


Main allocation:

l Material: The whole machine is made by PP material

l Touch screen: Korea LG

l PLC:Korea LG

l Frequency converter:Korea LG

l photoelectric sensor:KEYENCE

l Motor:TaiWan Brand

l Low tension electrical equipment:Schneider

l Pneumatic component:AiroDK

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