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J-8 Automatic High Speed Separating Paper Machine
Hangzhou Jindalai Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd. | DATE£º2013-08-20 | READ:1621

Technical parameters:
Separating way : Backspin
  Length 40-240mm
 Size of separated cargo : Width 20-250mm
  Thickness 0.02-5mm
 Electrical source : 220V
 Power : 50/60HZ 60W
 Measurement : 1500*560*870mm

    The machine can separate the terrace packing bags and cards automatically and deliver the single one to the belt . It is convenient for spraying and printing , character the producing date, batch number , imitated marks , design and so on . So that it reduces the complex of separating by hand and exerts the excellences of coder and laser machine with high speed. It improves the working effection and equip the intellective count function and stop automatically function to manage the production easily.
   Governor Motor control, the speed can be up to 60-600 pc/min.
    High speed separating, high precision orientation , high efficiency production .
   Design reasonable frame , change the damageable spareparts easily and quickly.


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