D900 Automatic Horizontal Glue Label Machine
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Technical parameters:
Container to apply:
 Dia£º8mm¡«12mm Length£º60mm¡«110mm
 Label to apply:
 Width£º35mm¡«45mm Length£º50mm¡«95mm
 Label speed£º150¡«300pc/min£¨(It bears on the size of the container and label£©
 Measurement (mm)(Length*Width*Height) : 1000*600*1100
 We can customize your order if you have special demands.


Adopt horizontal labeling method,using paste for paper labeling,only paste on the both ends of the labels.apply to  Cylindrical objects which smaller in diameter and could not stand up easily,like crayon,paper tube etc.

delivering labels , delivering objects, pasting and labeling are finished at a time automatically ,Operation easily , the place of labeling is uniform and orderly. It can use the common paper label and debases the producing cost .


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