G100 Can labeling machine
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Technical parameters:
¡¤Can rang to apply(mm): ¦µ45¡«¦µ114 height ¡Ü270
 ¡¤Label range£¨mm£©£ºlength 117¡«380 height 23¡«254
 ¡¤Label speed (It bears on the size of Can)£º0¡«500 pc/min
 ¡¤Glue to apply£ºhot glue and cold glue
 ¡¤Power£º3 phase 380V 50HZ 2.8KW
 Measurement£¨mm£©£º£¨Length* width * height£©1855¡Á750¡Á1250


It is applied for the tin can¡¯s labeling. It adopts horizontal labeling when the can is rolling with high speed. The glue is only spreaded on both ends of the sticker, and the head is with hot glue, and the tail is with cold glue. The sticker can be pressed steady, and no can no glue. And the labeling speed can be adjusted by the tranducer. It is the ideal equipment of can labeling.


Main character£º

¡¤It can use the common paper label and debase the producing cost.

¡¤The cost of glue is lower because of glueing on the both ends of sticker only.

¡¤High speed labeling, and high ability of producing.

¡¤It is convenient and simple to replace the different kind of container and sticker.

¡¤It can work singly or work with production line.

¡¤Adopt imported electiric components;


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