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JBRGN series semi-automatic filling machine heating and stirring
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Technical parameters:
1 Number of filling heads: 1
(2) filling volume :1-10ml 10-100ml 30-200ml
3 Filling speed :30-60b / min
4 Filling accuracy: + -1%
5 gas source :5-7kg / cm2
6 Power supply: 220V 50HZ 2KW
7 Stirring speed: 35r/min
8 Hopper capacity: 17L
9 hopper heating: water bath heating method
10 Dimensions: L450 * W450 * H1750
11 Weight: 70KG
Special specifications can be customized


Function Description
      The machine adopts piston type quantitative filling principle, filling lines and hopper heating and temperature control device is configured and has a blender. Filling volume adjustable, and is equipped with a mechanical anti-drip device with foot start and automatic continuous filling modes. For filling lipstick, lip balm, foundation cream, pearl cream, wax products, jam, etc. need to be heated dissolved 

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