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Plastic bottle automatic packaging production line
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Technical parameters:
Applicable materials: all kinds of plastic bottles
Production speed :8-40 boxes / min
Line length: 11m-15m
Power supply: 380V 50Hz 25KW
Air source: 0.6-0.8Mpa
The above parameters are for reference only, specific parameters vary depending on the circumstances

Production Line
This production line designed for my company, the production of plastic bottles for automatic packaging production line, automatic production is necessary production line equipment, to reduce labor, improve the degree of automation and improve product appearance quality are of great help.
This production line equipment involved are: box machine, box packing machine, packaging platform, sealing machine, packing machine, film charter, palletizing machine, winding machine.
Production line process
There are three kinds of process design. See the legend, described as follows



1 forklift stack of cardboard boxes stacked on unpacking machine
2 Unpacking and automatically open the carton forming
Three artificial opening into the bottle cartons
4 boxes sent to the conveyor roller sealing machine
5 Automatic Carton Sealer
6 boxes sent to the conveyor roller balers
7 baler Automatic Strapping


 1 forklift stack of cardboard boxes stacked on one machine out of the box packing
2 Open the carton and packing machine automatic molding
3 bottles from the conveyor belt to the packing machine
4 automatic packing machine molded into the bottle cartons
5. Packing machine Automatic sealing
6 boxes sent to the conveyor roller balers
7 baler Automatic Strapping




1 bottle by a conveyor belt to the shrink film packaging machine
(2) shrink film packaging machine will automatically set the bottle and packaging molding shrinkage
The next process: 

 1 boxes or conveyor roller assembly will be sent to stacker
2 stacker automatically aggregates stack boxes or on pallets
3 winding machine pallet boxes or wrapped into one aggregate
4 truck on the winding machine to ship
Production Line Features
High degree of automation
Simple, convenient
Can be a multi-purpose machine
Using imported electrical components

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