JC100 Automatic Advanced Pulling Film Wrapping Machine
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Technical parameters:
1 Turntable Diameter: 1500MM
 2 Cargo weight: 2000KG
 3 Maximum package height: 2100mm
 4 Machine Weight: 750KG
 5 Turntable height 90mm
 6 Turntable rotation speed: 0-12 turn/ min
 7 Turntable direction of rotation: clockwise direction of rotation
 8 Power supply: 220V
 9 Turntable motor power: 0.75kw
 10 Lifting motor power: 0.37kw
 11 Packaging material requirements: stretch film
 12 Thicknesses: 25m
 13 Tensile membrane technology data:
 Contractibility rate: lengthways 30% crosswise 70%
  Tensile strength: lengthways 27MPa crosswise 29MPa
 Breaking elongation rate: crosswise 510% lengthways 360%
 14 Film roll size: 200-260mm (diameter) x500 mm (width)
  Film Core Size: 76 mm (roll core diameter) x520 mm (width)


JC100 tray type wrapping machine suitable for packing bulk cargos or pallet cargos for container transport. Widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, paper, ceramics, chemicals, food, beverages, building materials and other industries. improve the logistics efficiency, reduce losses during transportation, have the function of dust proof, moisture proof, save packing cost, the best option to enhance grades of the product packaging.


Main Character:

1.Man-machine interface control: parameter setting can be done in the man-machine interface, easy operation, safety performance improved.PLC programmable control, push-button control panel, simple and clear. Run automatically, complete function of the machine settings automatically.

2. LG Transducer, slow (soft) start, wheel speed adjustable, items stable and secure in the tray.

3. Optoelectronic sensor detection: photoelectric switch tracking the height of the cargos automatically.  

4.Tension adjustment function: Users can adjust the tension of the film to achieve the perfect fit for packaging requirements.

5.Local enhancements function: can be realized, If the top or bottom pallet of goods need to strengthen multi-layer winding.

6.Auto protection function: during operation, the pre-set protective device can play the role of ultimate security when the machine meet some unpredictable faults.

7.Multi Packaging methods: PLC programmable control, set in one of a variety of packaging, can choose single packing, standard packing or strengthen packing according to the requirements.

Packing layer and packing way can be changed by the number 0-9 of in man-machine interface.

8.Auto reset function: according to user needs, the machine can return to the initial state automatically after operation, Its easy for forklift lifting the cargos.

9.Simple operation: just press the auto-run button to complete the packaging process.

10. Auto manual conversion function: the unique auto to manual conversion, to ensure the machine in uninterrupted operation, ensure the factory production.

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