K100-15 Automatic Carton Opening Machine
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Technical parameters:
Power: 380V, 50Hz, 25Kw
 Pressure :4-6bar
 Tape Width :4.8-6 .0 cm
 Speed: <15P/min
 Tape Length: 2000m
 Carton size: (250-350) ¡Á (180-250) ¡Á (220-300) can be customized
 Table Height: 1000-2000mm (adjustable)
 Dimensions: 3800 ¡Á 1530 ¡Á 2200 (mm)
 Weight: 1200kg


           This machine is only apply to adhesive tape, cardboard boxes with or without tape, without function of carton alarm warning.


Main features:

(1)   can be place a minimum of 100 unformed cartons, add cartons any time.

(2)Machine designing according to technological process of production line, requirements of plane layout, beautiful appearance, good manufacturing process, Operation, adjustment and maintenance easy and quick. Have safety protection function, such as overcurrent protection, safe exit, etc.

(3)Flow chart & maximum bug indication, have a protection function

(4) failure to maximize the flow chart and instructions, thorough mechanical, electrical protection and process protection.

(5)According to the quantity of the boxes on the convey belt, automatically adjusts the operating speed

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