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M100 Automatic Assemble Shrinking Packaging Machine
Hangzhou Jindalai Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd. | DATE£º2013-08-20 | READ:1396

Technical parameters:
 Packing Measurement(mm)6000*4000*3500
 Shrinking film material:PE,PVC,POF
 Shrinking film thickness 0.03-0.15mm
 Shrinking speed:8-12 packages/min
 Actual power consumption£º15KW/hour
 Electricity requirement:380V

This machine is widely used in beverage, food, pharmaceutical and chemical products industry for assembly packaging,no need of bottom pallet or cartons.

All kinds of the products including square,round,flat objects can be packed perfectly,Have a nice visual vision. This machine is the first option for the water,beverage production line.

With novel design,adopt imported PLC automatic controlling,man-machine interface operation,tracking precise,

packaging.Not the end of care, no cardboard boxes.Whether square, round, flat can be packed perfect, very good visual effects, mineral water, beverage filling production line equipment of choice.
The machine design, automatic control with imported PLC, man-machine interface operation, tracking accuracy,preclude the probability of bottle lacking or bottles toppleing,adjust optionally.

Adjustable heated-air circulation structure,apply to various kinds of shrink films(including color printed films),thin films changed easily.

Failure warning, complete safety carabiners,operation reliable,
Quality materials, precision design, durable, remarkable energy-saving

Main Character:

    *Automatic collecting bottles:bottles changed easily& swiftly.
 *Film delivering institutions:tension self-regulation.
 *Double circulation fan device to ensure the balanced contraction of the shrinking furnace temperature, the temperature self-regulation,remarkable Energy-saving effect.  

   *Large air flow cooling system to ensure the shape of the packing furnished steadily& rapidly.

   *Mesh belt conveyor institutions frequency conversion stepless speed regulating


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