JZH100 automatic cartoning machine
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Technical parameters:
Products (carton) size (length X width X height): Max120X50X50mm
 Min 50X25X25mm
  Manual specifications: (110-160) X (90-250) mm.
 Manual paper Requirements: 50-80g / ©O
 Boxing speed: 100 boxes / min
 Power: 1.1KW
 Power: 220V 50HZ
 Gas source: 0.6Mpa
 Dimensions (length X width X height): 1600X1050X1500mm


   The equipment is mainly used for the medicine bottle (round, square, hoses, etc.), cosmetics, food, health products and bottled goods, auto-boxing. Automatically complete the manual instruction folding, carton opening, manual and packaging material are put into the box in the same time, printing stamp batch, both ends of the paper sealing and packaging processes. This machine not only has a good stand-alone performance, but also stand-alone combination with other packaging into the production line.


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