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L-3 Bottle mouth shrinking machine
Hangzhou Jindalai Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd. | DATEú║2013-08-20 | READ:88

Technical parameters:
Power: 7KW
 Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
 Heating temperature: 0-240 íŃ C
 Production speed :0-10m / min
 Heating channel dimensions: 1000 í┴ 150 í┴ 380mm
 Maximum size of packaging: bottles outside diameter: ¢ 110mm bottle height: 350mm
 Packing materials: PVC, PP, of POF heat shrinkable label
 Transportation Weight: 15KG
 Dimensions: 1500 í┴ 350 í┴ 1500mm
 Machine weight: 95Kg

The machine uses electric heating method. Hot channel automatic thermostat control, thermostat control part adopt advanced non-contact implementation. to ensure that the equipment long-term stable operation, and reduce the occurrence of equipment failure. Hot air supply system adopt a dual engine cycle for wind, large air volume, low power consumption, heat evenly to ensure the heat supply of the heating channel.


The shrinkage temperature of intelligent control, heated 360-degree rotation to ensure uniform contraction. With a reasonable structure, easy to use, simple maintenance and many other advantages.


This machine is mainly designing for the bottle-shaped, tank-like, barrel-shaped goblet products bottle label shrinkage, suitable for glass bottles, plastic bottles, paper cups and other containers of  food, medicines, cosmetics, pesticides, and other industries.


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