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L100 Automatic Shrinking & Sleeving Labeling Machine
Hangzhou Jindalai Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd. | DATE£º2013-08-20 | READ:1422

Technical parameters:
Technical Parameter:
 1) Object to apply: kinds of bottles and cans
 2) Dimensions (L x W x H): 5,000 x 1,000 x 2,000mm
 3)Container range(mm):Ø25£­Ø125
 4) Label range:(mm)£ºThickness 0.035-0.08 Height 30-2500.03-0.13
 5)Labeling Precision(mm):¡À1
 6)Power supply:380£Ö¡¡50/60HZ¡¡15KW
 7) Weight: 1,500kg
 8)Label speed ; 6000-12000p/h


Using advanced man-machine interface, the operation, the adjustment is convenient. We select the unique pressing type method and facilitates reasonably. It is suitable for the different shape of bottles and PVC and PET material label. The label dinking is precise. So the speed of production gets high. It also can match other work line.


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