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On line Electromagnetic induction foil sealing machine
Hangzhou Jindalai Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd. | DATE£º2013-08-20 | READ:1551

Technical parameters:
power 3000W (adjustable )
oscillation frequency£º60KHZ
delivery speed£º0-18m/s
Sealed diameter£º18-80mm(We can customize for you if the size not in this range
produce capacity£º0-300bottle/min (eg: ¦Õ40 plastic bottle .150 pcs/min)
power supply£ºsingle phase AC220¡À10% 50HZ 10A
environment £»indoor temperature 0-25 centigrade relative humidity less than 80%
volume £º 500¡Á300¡Á300
weight £º 10KG

Theory and technical character

The machine adopt advanced technology from abroad  £¬designed within the latest original transistor modular power devices form USA

The machine named Electromagnetic induction foil sealing machine\high frequency current is made by Concussion source Output to induction head after magnify , reshaping, drive power module  Aluminum foil metal layer will production eddy current and become hot when Metal foil come near inductive head.  heat depend on The strength of the eddy current , Frequency¡¯s level working time and bottleneck ¡®s size  ,distance .. the machine have automatic Detect Capability ,Power Stability . overcurrent  overvoltage heat up Control protected also with  phase locking power is adjustable . Working status can be controlled in panel display, Convenient For Observation

air cooled cooling system for inductive head and Power Module  ,This machine is equipped with inside cooling protection device

The equipment can be matching unscramble bottle machine turntableand automatic no aluminum foil eliminate device.

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