JZC Linear capping£¨screwing£© machine
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Technical parameters:
Caps range: ¦Õ10-¦Õ100mm
 Height of bottle range: 60-350mm
 Capping speed: 0-150 P/min
 Power supply: 3 phase ,380V, 50HZ
 Electrical power: 1.5KW
 We can customize your order if you have special demands


This machine (non-oscillation cap collecting device) can operate with the Automatic Cap Elevator,
suitable for all kinds of bottle with diameter 10mm-100mm, and it conquers the traditional difficulty of one capping head matching with one cap. The designing of this machine is novelty and special, the controlling and adjustment is convenient, and the capping speed can be 120 b/minute at most. It not only can be used individually, but also can match with production line ideally.

Main character:
¡¤Even it has worked for a long time; it can work stable and reliable operation, and keep the screwing distance the same.
¡¤The nipping belt for bottle can be adjusted separately, and suits different height and shaped bottles.
¡¤Adopting the mechanism of keeping the screwing distance, it can make the screwing distance consistent.
¡¤If equipping the mechanism of making the cap with the same side upturned, then it can be suitable for the caps with the pressing and sprayer mechanism.

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