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JXP-12 automatic washer
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Technical parameters:
object container: column bottle
 bottle range £ºDIA 50-90mm Height:150-320mm
 quantity of flush head £º12
 produce capacity£º1000-3000b/h
 power £º 380V 50HZ
 air source £º0.4-0.8Mpa
 water consumption£º1-3T£¯H
 weight £º1500kg
 we can customize your order if you have special demands


    The machine reference to congeneric Product¡¯s Technology and design principle in abroad , High efficiency in flushing bottle , Adopt continuation water following flushing way  bottles automatic overturn . Applicable to the new bottles of flushing and drain ,Automatic operate from bottlo in until bottle out , Blunt ozone disinfectant  Equipped with a sterile compressed air ventilation device ,it¡¯s the Ideal cleaning equipment for wine cosmetic medicine and food  industry .


Main character:

Simply Adjust easy operate

Can Standalone or cohesion production line operate

SUS Bottle clip

SUS impeller pump

main configuration

electrical machine£º  Taiwan

Pneumatic component£º Taiwan AirTAC

low-voltage apparatus£º France Schneider


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