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JBXP Semiautomatic washer
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Technical parameters:
blunt bottle :32
 apply to bottleneck :10-50MM
 apply to bottle height 30-380mm
 2300b/h production capability 2300B/H
 1m3/h water consumption :1M3/h
 0.6MPa air pressure 0.6mpa
 0.55kw motor power 0.55kw
 size: 1000*1000*1300mm


The machine made of 304 SUS Internal and external flushing It Is  suitable for various kinds of bottles ,Easy operate ,wash clean Adopt clean water following internal and fixed position external flushing  Stepless speed adjustment ,compare with traditional washer it is much advantage in saving more than 80% energy ,water, space . In the same time ,it¡¯s also make less pollution .Easy to maintain ..

Flushing system have water cycle device and filter device .The machine reasonable ways in wash bottles .less Residual liquid .There are double water valve in the blunt bottle (Valve for water and Dynamic water valve) The Dynamic water valve have 32 parts nozzle , it rotation around main shaft ,Nozzle waterjet when Dynamic water valve¡¯s blowhole rotate to Valve for water¡¯s Water spray parts. In this way can save much water . Continuous outside wash, value control water volume.

Main character:

The machine simple structure sturdy and durable. Machine Wear Small , DriveSteady

Saving  labor and time efficient in production ,less water consumption

apply to all kinds material bottle¡¯s flushing .

Wash both inside and outside in same time .enhance efficiency.

The part which contact with liquid are Make of SUS corrosion resisting leegant appearance  fully meet The national hygiene standards

work efficiency, according to customer¡¯s needs. Can adopt stepless speed motors Efficiency change accordingly


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