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JLP100 Automatic Rationale Bottle Machines
Hangzhou Jindalai Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd. | DATE£º2013-08-20 | READ:1573

Technical parameters:
power:220V 50HZ pr
 producte capacity :80-140 pcs/min


Instruction :

The machine adopt Mechanical curve turn bottle , Advanced overld safety device  without pump Eliminate pollution easy to operate fun  ction stable Unscramble bottle high efficiency.

Completely replace the manual operation ,Automaticity High, Don't need operators ,only need put the round bottle into Rationale Bottle machine ,it will send out Automatic.

  The machine is the best integrated Equipment for Automatic Rationale plastic Bottle. Completely GMP Standard .it¡¯s necessary equipment for medicine production line.. widely used in medicine

Food , chemical industry, light industry and so on ¡­


The machine adopt integrated design easy to operate and maintain .

The machine is equipped with bottle quantitative control test and overload protection device .

The machine¡¯s framework and basket are make of SUSAppearance beautiful .completely meet GMP standard

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