JZX Automatic Linear Capping Machine
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Technical parameters:
Suitable caps: Circular plastic caps, aluminum/iron screw caps
 Capping speed: 30-60p/min
 Power supply: 3 phase 380V, 50/60HZ
 Electrical power: 1.2KW
 We can customize your order if you have special demands.


This machine adopts smart touch interface LCD operation, PLC control, mechanical drive applications cam principle, disk partition device positioning, and the introduction of round treaded cap screw. It is easy to operate, stable and reliable operation, automatic cover, screw, screw-cap portfolio with magnetic film structure, not to hurt the screw cap, screw head easily demolished, different cap and a bottle just to replace some parts, one machine can use many. It also can be with filling machine, labeling machine to connect the production line, the best equipment of food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical and other industries.

Main Character:

Disk partition device positioning, no bottles or wrong positioning will stop to work

Drop cap disk vibration, mechanical Tedori cover, positioning accuracy

Capping chip portfolio magnetic structure, not to hurt the screw cap

Adjustable torque screw head, free to adjust the cap tightness

Easy to take down the capping head, easy to change the bottle type

Plate-type operation, adjust the capping speed and other operations are more easily

Convergence can be stand-alone or pipelining

Electrical components selected imported brands


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