JBS semiautomatic screwing capping machine
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Technical parameters:
•Object to apply: all kinds shape and material bottles and caps
•Bottle rang to apply(mm): height 35¡«320mm
•Capping range(mm): pressing cap ¦µ12¡«¦µ35 screwing cap ¦µ12¡«¦µ150
Produce capacity: 1000 b/hour
Power£º220V 50HZ 0.37KW
Measurement£¨mm£©£º£¨Length* width * height£©300¡Á500¡Á1150
We can customize your order if you have special demands.

This machine designs tactfully and reasonably, and it is operated conveniently. It can be used for capping all kinds of caps with screws and pressing all kinds of aluminum caps for locking them high efficiency.
It applied to capping the metal security cap, plastic security cap, ring-pull cap, screwing cap, spraying cap on the glass, plastic and polyester bottle mouth.
Main character£º
•multi-usage, and applicability
•It is convenient and time-saving to replace the different specific container and sticker.
•Operate simply and adjust conveniently.


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