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Shampoo, face cream and other cosmetics, detergent, automatic filling production line
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Technical parameters:
Object to apply: all kinds of plastic bottle.
 Filling volume£º30-5000ml
 Production speed£º600-5600B/H
 Length of production line£º11m-14.5m
 Power supply£º380V 50Hz 25KW
 Air supply£º 0.6-0.8Mpa
 The above parameter is just for your ref, specific parameter depend on the different actual condition.


Production Line introduction:

This production line is designed for production of  shampoo, face cream or other cosmetics detergent material. is necessary equipments for soy and vinegar industry automated production. reduce labor cost, improve the degree of automation and improve product cleanliness greatly.

this production line including the equipments: washing machine, filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer.


Production line process as following:

    1.put the bottles on the convey belt of bottle washing machine by manual worker.

2.washing bottles cleanly by the automatic washing machine.

3.transfer bottles to the filling machine by the auto transfer belt.

4.bottle filling by the filling machine

5.transfer the bottle to the capping machine by auto convey belt.

6.lifteing and feeding the caps to the cap pressing machine by the cap lifting device.(or put cap onto the bottle mouth by manual worker)

7. pressing the cap tightly

8.transfer the bottle to the Inkjet printer.

9.print the necessary info on to the products by printer.

Main Character :
¡¡¡¡¡¡High degree of automation
Simple and convenient operation
Have Multi-purpose
Adopt import electrical components


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